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Reading & Writing


Stelle Marine is a curriculum-based program developed to teach young readers the Italian language, culture, and grammar. With the use of our E-Learning platform which includes; worksheets, books, and age-appropriate games, your child can develop at his or her own pace. Classes are 45-minutes long and can be done up to two times a week.

Class Schedule


Email [email protected] for more information on how to enroll in our online sessions!

Stelle Marine classes are taught at two different levels:

Italian 1

Introduces this beautiful language to children who already have a basic knowledge of how to read and write in English.

Italian 2

For children who have strong English reading and writing skills AND have previously taken Italian 1 or have a basic knowledge of the Italian language, including its phonetics.

*Italian 2 can only be taken after the student takes an admissions test to determine if they are ready for the class.

Pricing for Le Stelle Marine

10 Week Session – 45 minutes per lesson

1 Lesson Per Week (10 Week Session) $315  
2 Lessons Per Week (10 Week Session) $470