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Italian for Adults

Travel Italian for beginners

A fun approach to learning key Italian words and phrases that are useful when traveling in Italy. Having a basic survival guide to help you communicate in Italian will enhance your trip in Italy. Included in our lessons are interactive role-playing methods to help with everyday life situations and events such as:

  • Checking into airport and Hotel
  • Ordering at a restaurant or cafe
  • Shopping with the Euro
  • Transportation, Museums, and much, much more!

Italian Conversation – Intermediate

A wonderful opportunity for someone to practice their conversation skills. Our Italian conversation class is for a more intermediate student that already has some knowledge of sentence structure but may need help with fluency, grammar and expression. This program is structured like a book club with reading segments and a discussion of the book in Italian. An instructor will evaluate students before being placed in this class.

Location: Online Only

*We feel small classes offer a better environment for learning. Keep in mind that these classes fill quickly early registration is recommended.

Private tutoring is also available. Evaluations are done for Intermediate and Advance classes.