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Online Programs




While this Fall looks different than it has traditionally, children now have options like never before with our enriching and fun experiences through virtual online classes.

Let’s Play in Italian Fall classes will inspire your child to enhance their creativity, learn new Italian vocabulary and music, utilize their motor skills all from the safety and comfort of your home! We offer lessons that bring together our most popular enrichment programs. Each week children will explore the various and exciting worlds of math, gardening, art, crafts, cooking, baking, and science! Our live online Italian instructors, will infuse a fun learning environment with an age appropriate E-learning platform. Children will be able to interact live with their instructor in Italian helping to stimulate and challenge their ever changing minds. Students will use our virtual platform to create their own online journal complete with photo’s, videos, recipes, drawings and much more. We use a small group format to help young children stay focused and create an intimate setting, sense of community and regularity. 

Easy to follow 10-week program full of fun, playful, and hands-on activities!



Little Sprouts – Gardening


Learn about gardening as we prepare and plant our own summertime garden at home. Children plant, maintain and harvest fresh tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, beans, basil and much more that will be ripe for the picking when available! Children will learn about insects, plants, and trees. This program will also teach our little sprouts the importance of nutrition and being green!

Mangia, Mangia – Cooking and Baking


Bring out your childs inner chef! Cooking will instill self-confidence and independence in your child, as well as teach them art, math, and science along the way. Our online Mangia, Mangia program allows your child to follow along with an age-appropriate and exciting cooking lesson. Our native Italian instructor will guide your child in making homemade Italian classics such as pizza, cavatelli, fettuccine, and lasagna as well as sauces and other classic Italian desserts like Tiramisu.



During our online Mad Science summer program, we will conduct exciting science experiments, and make stimulating science projects. Our thrilling science program allows your child to explore discovery based methods that bring scientific concepts to a level that is easy for young children to understand. Children love to figure out how and why the world around them works, and this class will get their creative juices flowing!

DISCOVERING ART – Arts and Crafts


Art is all around us and has been an important piece of world history. Our online arts and crafts program will allow your child to create their very own masterpieces! Your child will have the opportunity to explore various art mediums, think outside the box, and create works of art to keep and cherish for years to come. Little do they know that this camp will help develop their fine motor skills, necessary for success in the future.